Siding Contractor: Siding Repair, Installation, Replacement & More in Wilsonville, OR

At Jensen Exteriors, if you’re in need of siding services, you’ve found the right company of expert siding contractors. We offer quality siding installation services to give your home an updated look. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as fiber cement, which is resistant to the elements and insects, natural wood and cedar, which is long-lasting if properly maintained, and vinyl, a less-expensive option. New siding will enhance the curb appeal to your home, as well as provide increased protection. Our crew will also repair any water damage or rot your home has incurred.

Siding Repair Experts Provide Quality Service to Wilsonville

There are definite signs when the siding on your home needs replacement. If your siding is warped or rotted, covered in mold or severely faded, it might be a good time to have the siding replaced. The experienced siding repair professionals at Jensen Exteriors will assess the problem and provide the highest-quality siding installation services at an affordable price. If your siding is in need of repair, contact us today for skilled and expert siding replacement and repair today!

Quality Siding Installations for Wilsonville Customers

If your home in Wilsonville needs an updated look, Jensen Exteriors can provide that with quality siding installation and siding replacement services. If you’re looking for the best in sturdy siding, Jensen Exteriors can help. We employ skilled and trained siding contractors who will not only perform installations but will also clean up rot and water damage before replacing the siding. At Jensen Exteriors, we care about our customers in Wilsonville and strive to provide outstanding services at a low cost. Our work is also protected by a 10-year labor and a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

Excellent Siding Contractors Serve Wilsonville

If you’re in need of siding for remodeling work, home improvements, or a new construction project, Jensen Exteriors provides the products and services you need. Our premier siding installation company offers an array of options for you to choose from, including fiber cement, natural wood and vinyl siding. When you call us for siding repairs, installation or siding replacement, you can be assured that we will deliver exceptional quality, as well as outstanding customer service to our clients in Wilsonville.

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At Jensen Exteriors, we help transform houses into homes! We are a family business specializing in siding, painting, window, and roofing repairs and replacements throughout the Wilsonville area. Since 1978, Jensen Exteriors has provided high-quality renovations to countless homeowners. We offer a one-year reinspection warranty and affordable service to get the most out of your remodeling projects. Get in touch with Jensen Exteriors for your free in-home consultation and estimate!