Window Replacement & Installation in Salem, OR

Window replacement can be for aesthetic or efficiency reasons, or both. When the decision is made to replace all or some of the windows in your Salem home or business, our window contractors are here to guide you through the process. We will help you choose the windows that work best for your family based on the style, framing and coating. Then our window installation service will do the replacements with minimal disruption to your family. Then you just sit back and enjoy the results.

Types of Windows for Your Salem Property

Our window contractor will sit down with you to figure out the windows that you want for your Salem home or business. There are the styles like awning, casement, double- and single-hung, picture, ban and slider windows. The window frames come in many styles in materials like composite, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Most modern windows are gas filled to increase their efficiency, and can be coated with low-emissivity, spectrally selective and more. Our window installation service will help guide you through the options.

How to Prep Your Salem Property for Window Replacement

If you have special requests, you can stick post-it notes on the existing windows of your Salem property with requests like, “please save this old window.” Clear areas around the windows of furniture and anything else that might block the inside, and trim shrubs and bushes that might be in the way outside. Plan out a spot for our window contractors to work, a central location with an outlet or two. Plan out where you would like us to park.

World-Class Window Installation Services in Salem

If you’ve decided to upgrade your Salem property, our window contractors will conduct a walkthrough in order to get measurements and make sure the window replacements will fit the old holes. Then as old windows are pulled out, new ones will take their place. Doing them one at a time ensures your property remains as sealed as possible. Then the cladding that provides a tight seal is installed. We clean up, and run tests on all the windows to guarantee they are in properly.

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