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The most obvious effect of door installation and window replacement on a Salem house are the aesthetics, different doors and windows can drastically change the look and feel of the exterior of a home or business. But there are hidden benefits. Well, hidden to everyone but residents and payers of monthly bills. Our door and window contractors can assess your property and install the proper doors and windows that will drastically reduce your heating and cooling bills and make your space more comfortable.

Salem Window Contractors Install for Increased Efficiency

Windows can occupy 15% to 20% of the surface area of the walls in your Salem property. As warm air moves past a window inside, some of the warmth is absorbed by the window, and the air absorbs some of the cold. As cool air outside moves past the window, it picks up some of the window’s warmth and some of the cold is absorbed. This is a form of osmosis and is why efficient windows decrease heat loss.

Premier Salem Company Offers Patio Door Replacement

Many home and business owners neglect to consider patio doors when they are contemplating door and window replacements for energy efficiency. After all, if they are all glass, how efficient can they be? The answer is “quite.” Low-E glass with Argon will increase the efficiency of your Salem property, decreasing heating and cooling costs. For those who remember the Columbus Day Storm of 1962, hurricane shield glass is also an available option.

Front Door Replacement in Salem

Older front doors aren’t as well insulated as newer models, and the seals are also inferior to today’s technology. These are both contributing factors in why warm air escapes and cooler air can enter. Most Salem property owners describe this heat exchange as “feeling a draft.” A properly insulated door with tight modern sealing around it can drastically reduce heat loss, contributed to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Our door installation team can drastically reduce your bills and increase comfort.

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