Siding Replacement Contractor in Salem, OR

Your Salem property will benefit from the siding replacement. Although it might seem like a daunting prospect, our siding contractors are here guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. From executing the proper set-up through the delicate application of the finishing touches that bring the whole project together, we are the company that can make it happen. We will work towards an end project that will not only enjoy, but that will diligently serve you well for decades.

Salem Siding Replacement, the Set up

Properly setting up the work area before any tools are even picked up ensures the project will go smoothly from beginning to end. Our siding contractors in Salem have the materials delivered and put them close to the property for easy access. The dumpsters are also placed close, but where they can be accessed and dumped without disruption to the siding installation process. We brief the crew on the timeline and scope of the project and pull the proper permits.

The Demolition by Salem Siding Contractors

We tear off the existing siding, fascia and trim, and perform a meticulous inspection. This is the perfect time to do s before the siding replacement. We wrap your Salem home or business in sheathing which will work to keep moisture out of your space. Then comes flashing, we do the windows, doors and anything else. We flash the outside and inside corners of the property. That is where water is most likely to get behind the siding, we want those waterproof.

Salem Siding Replacement Pros Finish the Job

Finally, we start the part that will transform your home or business. The starters around the property are installed leveled. Then checked and re-checked. We will be building the siding off these, so they much be straight. We fit the channels, corners and blocks then start the siding panels. Each panel must be tight to the one beside it, and everything must flow around obstacles like corners. The finishing touches are wrapping the trim, soffit and fascia. Our Salem siding contractors make sure the process is done properly every time, so you can enjoy the results for decades.

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