Siding Repair & Restoration Contractor in Salem, OR

If the siding of your Salem home or business looks worn, you should consider reaching out to our siding contractors. With the sometimes-daunting costs of siding replacement, sometimes siding repair is the best option and our contractors can assess your property’s siding in order to tell you whether or not your home or business is a good candidate for siding restoration. Don’t risk leaving your property vulnerable to the elements, allow our specialists to ensure that the roof atop your home or business continues to protect what’s important to you.

How to Protect Your Siding in Salem

Reducing the possibility of damage is a great way to avoid siding repair. If your bushes or plants sit too close to your siding, keep them trimmed to keep them from releasing water vapors. Adjust your sprinkler heads so they don’t spray your Salem home or business. Clear your gutters so water won’t overflow and run down the siding. Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your siding. Keep flower beds tamed so they don’t push dirt up level with the siding.

What in Salem Can Damage My Siding?

One-time weather events like wind can cause damage almost instantaneously. Other things that can damage siding take a longer time, stuff like dirt, dust, too much direct sunlight, burrowing bugs and more. Their presence is easy to see, cracking, denting or splits. Areas that are soft to the touch, or peeling, bubbling, cracking, warping or discoloration. If you see any of these on the siding of your Salem property, it is time to reach out to our siding contractors.

Initial Assessment for Siding Restoration in Salem

You can perform your own siding repairs and add years to the life of your siding. Wood fillers, hardeners and epoxies fill up holes, and boards or panels can be replaced here and there. But too much is too much, when you suspect the structural integrity of your Salem home or business is compromised, our siding contractors are ready to handle your siding restoration. Let us restore your siding back to its original glory without the costs associated with total replacement.

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