Siding Installation Contractor in Salem, OR

When considering a siding installation for your Salem home or business it is easy to get overwhelmed, but by breaking this extensive process down into steps, Jenson Exteriors can perform siding installations with the utmost efficiency. Our specialists will start by making sure everything is set up properly before any work is started in order to lay the groundwork for a smooth process, then the demolition and prep work begin.

Set up of a Siding Installation in Salem

Our siding contractors know that a proper set-up before the actual installation can set the groundwork for a smooth project in Salem. We have the materials delivered directly to the jobsite, so that they are immediately available when needed. We will also make sure the dumpsters are centrally located for efficient usage, but far enough away from everything that they can be hauled off without disruption. The crew is briefed on the scope and timeline of the project, and the proper permits are pulled.

Our Salem Siding Contractors Start Demolition and Prep

When commencing the removal of your Salem property’s siding, we will tear down the existing siding, trim, fascia and soffit. Next, there must be meticulous inspection performed under the siding and wood trim for damage, which are best ed at this time. Our siding contractors will also wrap the property in sheathing and flash the doors, windows, and everything else that needs it before taping all the seams. Finally, we flash all the inside and outside corners around the space in order to prevent future water damage.

Siding Installation by Salem Professionals Begins

Finally, the magic happens, we will install starter around property and level the siding before nailing it down. Carefully fitting channels, blocks and corners, the siding installation continues. We ensure each piece of siding is tight to one beside it, making sure it flows around corners and obstacles. We do the finish work like wrapping the trim, fascia and soffit. Our Salem siding contractors make sure the process is done properly every time, so you can enjoy the results for decades.

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