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The siding that outfits Salem homes and businesses has multiple purposes, primarily, its function is to protect a property as well as its foundation and contents from the forces of nature. Without siding, it would be possible for wind, snow, rain and insects to get inside. Worn siding can even allow moisture to seep inside of a property, which can lead to rotting, mold or damage to concrete foundations. On the surface, siding make one’s home or business appear more aesthetically pleasing and different sidings can completely transform the look of a property. Our siding company can handle your siding or installation.

Do I Need Siding Replacement on My Salem home?

There are signs that siding installation would benefit your Salem property, including warped siding and or siding that is starting to pull away from your home or business, which may allow unwanted moisture to enter. Interior damage like loose or sagging wallpaper or peeling paint might be a sign that a property’s siding is starting to fail.

Salem Siding Company’s Most Popular Products

The most popular types of siding we install or around Salem are fiber cement, natural wood, and vinyl siding. Fiber cement is resistant to fire, wind, insects and natural moistures like rain. Natural wood can last for decades if properly maintained. Vinyl is the dependable, inexpensive, low-maintenance option. All our installation is protected by a 10-year labor warranty and a 30-year manufacturer warranty. Our siding contractors are ready to handle all your home or business’s siding needs.

How Our Siding Contractors Install on Salem Homes

The materials will be delivered to your Salem property and our siding contractors will remove your existing siding. They will then prep your space for new siding by installing Tyvek in order to keep wind and moisture out. We then flash the inside and outside corners of your home or business, paying close attention to the areas where water is most likely to be a problem. Then we start the siding installation, paying attention to all the little details so the finished product is one that you will love for many years.

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