Exterior Painting Contractor in Salem, OR

When it comes to finding a painting contractor to coat your Salem property, you want to go with a local company whose employees know the local climate and weather conditions. There are special considerations that can make exterior paint will withstand being outside. The purpose of exterior paint isn’t merely aesthetic, it is the first line of defense against the weather, moisture and insects. Our painting contractors are ready to tackle any house painting project that is looming in your future.

Considerations of Exterior House Painting in Salem

Resin is what binds the pigment to the surface of paint. For exterior painting, the resins must be softer to resist the weather elements in Salem. The pigment is also different than in interior paints, and more resilient additives can be added to ensure the paint can stand up outdoors. Another consideration—often exterior paints will need sunlight to properly cure. Our painting services take the chemistry into account and use paint specific to your property in order to ensure longevity.

Salem House Painting Experts Start With Repairs

Before our exterior house painting crew in Salem even starts painting, we will first do any of the work that needs to be completed. That means we can do patchwork, or replacement of wood or metal accent pieces. We can also apply caulking or sealant. This is all the stuff that is best to do before the painting, so the outside of the property is uniform, and when it is painting there is no sign that any work was done.

Importance of Prep Work When House Painting in Salem

As often adhered to as it is ignored, the proper prep work is the most tedious part of exterior painting, and the most important. Our painting services include stripping the old paint off your Salem home, and clean the surfaces to ensure that our paints will have the most contact with your property’s materials as can be afforded to them. It is only once we are certain we are starting on a clean surface that we will proceed with the painting.

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