Window & Door Contractor: Window & Door Replacement, Installation & More in Newberg, OR

At Jensen Exteriors, we specialize in your home’s exterior needs. From and replacements to roofs and siding, we are there for you every step of the way. We recognize and support the need to be outside and around a sunset or sunrise whenever possible, especially in a town as vibrantly green and natural as Newberg. Jensen Exteriors specializes in window and door replacement and installation to fit your exact specifications. We offer total window replacement to give your home the updated look you’re looking for. We offer custom-fit window replacement packages whose specifications can be made to revivify and extend the value of your home.

Find a Window that Will Work Perfectly for Your Newberg Home

The right window can, no pun intended, be the difference between night and day. Jensen Exteriors specializes in replacement that will get the old window out and a new one in to give your home a revitalized look. Your home must have windows to the world, and greeting the morning sunrise through a wide, clear, and easily-adjustable window can perk up your day. Jensen Exterior specializes in efficient window alternatives, ones that keep heat out during the summer and in during the winter to maximize your home’s energy usage and save you money. Newberg is highly conscious of its energy usage and Jensen Exteriors can help you save money on energy and promote global consciousness.

Gain a Window to the World with Our Window Contractors in Newberg

Our skilled window contractors are experts at putting in energy-efficient windows that match your style and budget. Newberg appreciates a good look outside from a clear and energy-efficient window whose style just adds that extra “something” to your home. Our window contractors specialize in helping you choose the right style, make, and model for your home. Whether you’re looking to make your windows bigger or save some wall space and make them smaller, Jensen Exteriors has the right contractor for the job.

Door Replacement for Newberg

Doors are an element of your home that can make a lasting impression on whoever may be visiting. To make that lasting impression, we have contractors dedicated to making your next big renovation be a sturdy and stylish door. To realize your door installation or outright door replacement projects, we have dedicated contractors available to make your remodeling dream happen. We have door replacement and door installation covered from beginning to end to give your home the customized accent you’re been waiting for.

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At Jensen Exteriors, we help transform houses into homes! We are a family business specializing in siding, painting, window, and roofing replacements throughout the Newberg area. Since 1978, Jensen Exteriors has provided high-quality renovations to countless homeowners. We offer a one-year reinspection warranty and affordable service to get the most out of your remodeling projects. Get in touch with Jensen Exteriors for your free in-home consultation and estimate!