Exterior Painting Contractor in Newberg, OR

It is important to consider all aspects of production when it comes to renovating homes. After all, the outside of a home creates the first impression of what it is like on the inside. Jensen Exteriors specializes in exterior house painting by providing our customers with trained and talented contractors to help your home impress your friends, family, and neighbors. Our house painting crew will follow through on every budget and style to bring out the best in your home. Our exterior house painting experts have been trusted since 1978, and we look forward to giving Newberg’s citizens a full house painting makeover. We use Sherwin-Williams paint to give your home the accented hue or shadow it needs.

Put Your Best Hues Forward, Newberg

We can match your desired color to revivify your home. Our exterior painting contractors specialize in getting the right shade you want to accent your home. From fixing slight paint chipping or fading to painting every inch of your home’s exterior, trust in Jensen Exteriors to get the colors right and bright. Newberg has a special relationship with its natural surroundings, which houses inhabit rather than dominate. Our choices of colors to paint your house will not compromise the balance between you and Newberg’s natural greenery.

Brave the Newberg Elements with the Right Paint

The weather native to Oregon can put houses in Newberg in a peril particular to the Northwest coast: the hot and humid summers and cold and dry winters can wear away at your house’s paint and eat away at your siding if not properly looked after. Jensen Exteriors provides a new coat of paint meant not only to protect your house from the elements but give it the styled and personalized color you’re looking for. Our wide variety of painting services aim to give your home a look that will impress your friends, family and neighbors while protecting it from the outdoors.

Our Hues for Newberg

Newberg is home to some of America’s greenest acres and hilliest drives. It’s also home to temperamental weather that can be perilous to your home’s exterior. Our painting services give your home everything it needs to withstand the elements and keep looking great season after season among the lush forests and rolling landscapes. Our painting contractors will match your home to your exact specifications with Sherwin-Williams paint available in nearly every color imaginable.

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At Jensen Exteriors, we help transform houses into homes! We are a family business specializing in siding, painting, window, and roofing replacements throughout the Newberg area. Since 1978, Jensen Exteriors has provided high-quality renovations to countless homeowners. We offer a one-year reinspection warranty and affordable service to get the most out of your remodeling projects. Get in touch with Jensen Exteriors for your free in-home consultation and estimate!