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We at Jensen Exteriors pride ourselves on serving Newberg for four decades. Our skilled roofers, exceptional siding mechanics, and talented painters work together to bring out the best in every home. Our services range from rooftop maintenance, roofing contractors, and window replacement to siding and exterior painting that is guaranteed to impress and satisfy any style and budget. Since 1978, our goal is to care for your home like you do and provide it with a sturdy and weather-tested exterior to match the interior. Our painting contractors ensure that all levels of the production board aim to bring out the best in your home and the best in your neighborhood.

Providing Newberg With A Fresh Coat of Paint

Is your home just about due for another coat of paint? Or a brand-new color? Trust our painting contractors to color your home to your liking. Update your home’s outward style to stand out in Newberg or simply revivify your home’s exterior. We have all shades and hues of Sherwin-Williams paint available that’s guaranteed to fit any style. If it’s time to add a new coat of paint to your home, or try a completely new color, we at Jensen Exteriors have the tools and skills to make it happen.

Roofing Types



Wood Shake

TPO/Low Slope/Flat

Roofing: What Goes on Up Top in Newberg

Our roofers specialize in almost every kind of modern roofing from tough, biodegradable composite shingles to the rustic look and feel of all-natural wooden shingles. Oregon has a national reputation for being globally conscious, and the citizens of Newberg are no exception. By providing safe and sustainable roofing designed by our roofing contractors to look and feel natural, rest assured knowing that our business aims to preserve not only Newberg’s greenery but promote global sustainability.

Why Newberg Sides With Our Siding Contractors

From window replacement to painting and siding, our contractors work hard to fill every exterior need for your home. Stay insulated for the winter and breezy for the summer with our specialized siding contractors who specialize in siding meant to last the seasons. Our bio-friendly approach, from composite shingles to safe-coat Sherwin-Williams paint, aims to protect and preserve Newberg’s native greenery without leaving a trace. Our siding contractors are prepared to help you in your next big home improvement with our wide array of siding specialties from new windows to new coats of paint.

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At Jensen Exteriors, we help transform houses into homes! We are a family business specializing in siding, painting, window, and roofing replacements throughout the Newberg area. Since 1978, Jensen Exteriors has provided high-quality renovations to countless homeowners. We offer a one-year reinspection warranty and affordable service to get the most out of your remodeling projects. Get in touch with Jensen Exteriors for your free in-home consultation and estimate!