Window & Door Contractor: Window & Door Replacement, Installation & More in McMinnville, OR

We at Jensen Exteriors have made a commitment to provide the best window installation and door replacement service so that all of McMinnville’s doors and windows look amazing. A good door or window blends in, subtly making the home look complete. Our window contractors understand this. Don’t settle for less. Choose door replacement that goes the extra mile.

McMinnville Has Window Contractor Friends in the Business

McMinnville residents don’t need to have a relative in the business to get a deal or good service. McMinnville has the contractors at Jensen Exteriors, where we believe everyone deserves to be treated like family. Your doors and windows need inspection, and maybe even some installation and replacement; what they don’t need is a contractor who “hooks up” some people and not other. At Jensen Exteriors, everyone in McMinnville is part of our family, and we want to provide the best window and door installation and replacement services possible.

McMinnville has Reason for Window Installation and Window Replacement

Do you want contractors to alter the appearance of your home’s exterior in a nuanced way that is bold? Door and window replacement or installation could be for you. It’s a simple way to spruce up McMinnville’s houses, and our contractors are proud to offer our services. Installing new windows or replacing old ones is an easy way to illuminate your home’s inside, just as installing new doors and replacing old ones is an easy way to make your home more accessible.

Our Door and Window Installation and Window Replacement Experts Are Trustworthy

All our work on doors and windows, whether replacing or installing them, is backed by a 10-year labor warranty and a 30-year materials warranty. No business doing shoddy work could survive as long as we have if they offered warranties like this—they’d go bankrupt in no time! You can trust Jensen Exteriors to make the right decisions with your doors and windows when installing or replacing them.

Contact Jensen Exteriors Door Replacement and Window Contractor Experts Today!

At Jensen Exteriors, our contractors help transform McMinnville houses into homes with excellent window and door installation or replacement! We are a family business specializing in siding, painting, window, and roofing replacements throughout the McMinnville area. Since 1978, Jensen Exteriors has provided high-quality renovations to countless homeowners. We offer a one-year reinspection warranty and affordable service to get the most out of your remodeling projects. Get in touch with Jensen Exteriors for your free in-home consultation and estimate!